Weddingbells: Considering Wearing A Veil? Read This First!

Are you on the fence about wearing a veil on your big day? You’re not alone. Andrea Anastasiou, owner of the chic bridal boutique White Toronto, says she has seen many brides change their minds about veils as soon as they are given the opportunity to try one on. “Most girls are surprised that they end up loving the look of a veil,” says Anastasiou. “I think, initially, many women feel this accessory is too traditional — but it is for a reason! When you’re a bride, it is only for a day and a veil often tops off the look.” According to Anastasiou, 85 percent of brides that come into her shop end up opting for a veil in the end. “It’s so cute to see the attitude completely change once you put a veil on their head! It makes them truly feel like a bride.”

Here Anastasiou shares four things to consider when it comes to veils:

1. Listen to the pros. “Allow your bridal stylist to pull some veil options to show you how you can change the whole look of your dress with a different veil as a key accessory,” Anastasiou advises.

2. Consider your dress. “The shape and scale of the dress you are purchasing directly impacts the veil you choose. Veils come in a variety of lengths, fabrics and designs and different models suit different gowns. A super skinny dress looks killer with a long cathedral veil, especially for the bride wanting to add a modern twist to her look. Sometimes a short veil can be best if you just want a hint of something to feel a bit ethereal. Work with your bridal stylist to get it right,” says Anastasiou.

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