Wedding Nails…It’s all about the details.

From the moment you said “Yes” to his marriage proposal, you have been busy planning your dream wedding. You have the dress, you and your hairdresser have agreed on the hairstyle, the cake has been ordered, the color theme has been chosen, you have picked the perfect location to exchange wedding vows, the bridesmaids have been fitted and every other little detail has been taken care of along the way. Are you forgetting anything? How about your nails?

Nail art is currently all the rage, so your nails should definitely be worked into the ceremonial attire. This can be as simple as adding glitter to the nail tips to one nail that stands out from the other nails to each nail displaying individual art.

There are so many different ways to jazz up your nails for your wedding day. Glue on pearls, bling and ceramic flowers or bows. Paint on lace, hearts, butterflies, flowers, snowflakes, bride and groom stick figures, or the words ‘Mrs.’ and/or ‘I do’. Nail art is also a great way for you to wear the wedding colors. If you can’t find a nail artist, nail wedding wraps and artificial wedding nails are other popular options.

To draw attention to wedding nails, the art is often extended to the fingers by continuing the bling from the nails or by adding a temporary or permanent tattoo of the happy couple’s names on the bride’s ring finger. Knuckle rings also bring attention to your nail art. Remember, the left ring finger is reserved though.

Don’t forget your toes! Yep, if you need them, there are artificial wedding toe nails too for the special occasion.

Look your best from the top of your head to the tip of your fingers and toes. Wedding nails add the perfect final detail to your wedding day.

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