Pets at Weddings?

Wait! Pets at weddings? Absolutely! They’ve stuck with you through good times and bad times, so why shouldn’t they be at the wedding? Well, there may be a few exceptions. But as long as the pets are safe, comfortable around the guests, won’t eat the guests and are well-behaved, there is no reason to exclude pets from weddings if you want them to be part of the ceremony.

What exactly do pets do at weddings? Some simply walk down the aisle wearing their tutus, bow ties or flower wreaths. Others hold the rings. Occasionally, small pets are carried down the aisle – instead of a bouquet – by the bride. Some pets even participate in the vow exchange.

Cats, dogs, owls, elephants, horses, lambs, goats, pigs and other pets have participated in wedding ceremonies. For those pets that do make it to the guest list, assign someone to keep an eye on them for you since you will, obviously, have your attention on the wedding. This should be someone the pet trusts and will obey. Run through a few trials with your pets to make sure they will behave the way you want them to at the wedding. Some areas even offer handling services for wedding pets!

Even if pets can’t make it to the wedding, they can still be part of the wedding photos or other wedding events. For example, they can play a role in your ‘save the date’ photos. That’s my personal favorite! Or let them propose with a sign hanging around their neck.

Whether they are in the wedding or in wedding photos, be sure your pets are comfortable and make sure they’re attire does not pose a choking hazard to them. Also, be sure the wedding flowers are non-toxic. Safety should be the main concern for wedding pets.

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