Must-Haves for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are terrific if you are well-prepared. Adding a few creature comforts will be an invitation for your guests to stay the duration of the entire celebration.

Despite the time of year, the sun can run off the best-intentioned wedding guest. Protect sensitive eyes by providing oversized umbrellas or individual parasols and sunglasses for attendees.
Don’t let bugs chase away the wedding party. Supply pest repellant spray and wipes or place several pest repellant lanterns around the area to keep those annoying insects away.

Grassy areas can cause a problem for guests if preparations aren’t made. If bridesmaids will be wearing high heels, provide heel covers for their shoes or cement blocks for them to stand on. Make notes on invitations to other guests if they will be expected to walk in the grass so they can make proper footwear adjustments.

Nothing would be more dreadful than to have guests become dehydrated. Provide plenty of water for them. On the same note, be sure to have plenty of cool foods like ice cream available on hot and humid days.

Will the celebration extend into the nighttime hours? If so, make sure there is plenty of lighting. Battery operated candles covered with paper bags add a flare of romance, while flashlights and lanterns should be available in case guests need to leave the main area.

Finally, these last few items will add to guest comfort. Wedding programs can be printed onto hand fans for use on warm days. Provide blanket wraps for cold or breezy days. Portable restrooms should be available. Make sure there is nearby shelter if rain should show up for the wedding.

If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, plan ahead to make sure you and your wedding guests will be comfortable. Comfort will assure everyone will last as long as the wedding day does.

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