Diamonds Aren’t Necessarily Forever

We have always been told that everyone loves diamonds. As it happens, while diamonds are still the leading stone to use in an engagement ring, alternative gems, designs and options are becoming increasingly sought after. Diamonds may not be every girl’s best friend after all!

Diamond is a sparkly, incredibly hard stone which makes them a good fit for a traditional engagement ring. They are typically colourless so they are easy to match and they are also incredibly durable so they are great for everyday-wear. However, diamonds are notoriously expensive and they can sometimes come from less-than-reputable sources. In addition to cost and moral concerns, brides are getting bored with diamonds! It’s likely a bride has seen countless diamond rings in person or online and (it is true) they can begin to look a little same-y.

Here are some diamond alternatives for all the wonderfully unique brides out there:

  1. Birthstones. Birthstones can be a great way to create a ring that is even more personal. The stone could be the stone of your birthday month, or your fiancés, or even the birthday month of a mutual friend or loved one. One of the wonderful things about the birthstone idea is there are SO many options to choose from – emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more! Our only note here is to watch out for the softer stones like opal (sorry October!). A softer stone can potentially be scratched. Maybe not the best option if you’re looking to wear your ring daily.
  2. Skip the stones. No where does it say an engagement ring HAS to have a gem in it. Consider an entirely metal band. Metal work can still be incredibly intricate and beautiful. Just think of the Claddagh ring. You’ve probably seen the symbol before, the ring dates back to seventeenth century Ireland and features two hands holding a heart topped with a crown.
  3. No ring?! This option may sound a little unorthodox, but there may not be a need for an engagement ring at all. Rings can potentially cost thousands of dollars! What about spending that money on an ‘engagement trip’ instead? Use that money to make some memories with your fiancé that you will never forget!

The important thing to remember is that this ring and this engagement is about you and your fiancé. Choose what works best for you – whether it’s considered traditional or not. Besides, the true gem of the marriage isn’t a stone, it’s the love between you and your partner.

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